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Teeth to Be Proud Of

An image of a woman smiling and showing her teeth.By Ilana Pine.

Another recent client came to us with a common issue.

“Please advise! I’m getting married in a few weeks and am really worried about having photos taken. I am so embarrassed of my teeth and I don’t want to spoil the photos. Is there anything that can be done in a short time, with limited budget, as we’ve spent up on the wedding and quite painlessly if possible too? I’ve left it until the last minute as I’m quite nervous about seeing a dentist.”

I’m sorry to hear you won’t feel like smiling on what should be one of the happiest days of your life!

There are many ways in which we can help. Obviously, more time gives us more options, as does a higher budget. But you may be surprised at what can be achieved with tooth whitening, cosmetic correction with tooth coloured fillings – which can be used to shape, smooth, lengthen teeth and also to close unsightly gaps between teeth.

This is a painless procedure as they are just bonded to the surface of your own tooth, so no injections are necessary. The colour of the teeth fillings can be matched perfectly too. The cost is relatively low as they are simply fillings rather than costly crowns or veneers.

Missing teeth can be replaced with a removable part denture. These are simple and quick to make and will look good on the photos and for short term use.

It really is worth coming in for a free consultation to find out what can be done, you may be pleasantly surprised and walk out with a new smile. :). Why not contact us today.

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