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Precision-Attached Dentures for Perfectly Fixed Teeth

We offer a free consultation for dentures and are looking forward to meeting you and helping you create teeth you love. If you would like more information on the wide range of solutions we offer to replace missing teeth, we welcome you to contact us. Call our caring team on 0161 773 7080 today.

Precision-Attached Dentures

There are many clever variations on the traditional denture. Denture clasps can damage the teeth they are holding onto. For the very best in partial dentures, these anchor teeth can be crowned, a slot or groove incorporated into the crown, and an attachment onto the denture which slots into the groove. This method will mean that the denture is locked into place and prevent rocking and movement. Our master-craftsman dentist Dr Leo Klein was an expert at this, having worked for years in Germany where this method is considered standard practice. Since then, he has passed on the skills to his daughter Ilana Pine who will assess and discuss these options.

Our Process

It is not uncommon for individuals to worry about having teeth removed and replaced with dentures, even if the teeth were problematic. We ensure that patients fully understand the process of the treatment being carried out and are prepared for the difference they may feel after having new teeth fitted. In our experience, it never takes long for a patient to adjust to their new teeth and feel fully confident with their smile once again.

Denture Movements

Denture movement when eating or even talking is a common complaint of those that wear dentures. If you have been feeling uncomfortable due to the movement of your dentures, precision attachments can be the answer. Should you decide to move forward with this treatment, a crown will be made and a small slot created, into which a tab will sit that will attach to the denture so it fits perfectly, without movement.

Dental Maintenance Plans

We offer a comprehensive membership plan which provides many benefits as well as 20% off treatment* and starts from as little as £9.99/month adults/£5.99/month children – please ask at reception or call us at 0161 773 7080

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