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Children’s Teeth Services

Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on quality, gentle dental care. Our dentists have an excellent rapport with children and we have found that kids love choosing their favourite programs on Netflix to watch during their treatment!

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What We Provide

Early diagnosis of children’s decay is essential and for this reason, we have invested in mini X-rays for kids. The first adult teeth come through in the mouth at age 6 and these may be decayed if the baby teeth aren’t cared for properly. Children are treated with the greatest care and attention, with everything explained to them and them being in control. We regularly monitor the development of teeth and consider orthodontics at an early age.

If you or your child suffers from a high rate of decay, we can advise you about reducing this. We can also offer different fluoride therapies, and can also remove decay and place fillings.

Child Dental Hygiene

We have excellent value dental plans to make this affordable for you and your family.

First of all the right toothpaste should be selected, with the appropriate fluoride content for an infant. A smear of toothpaste should be applied to the toothbrush to avoid swallowing. Brushing should start when the first tooth arrives to get the infant used to the procedure. If the infant objects to the brush, a clean cloth with the toothpaste applied can be used.

Dental Maintenance Plans

We offer a comprehensive membership plan which provides many benefits as well as 20% off treatment* and starts from as little as £9.99/month adults/£5.99/month children – please ask at reception or call us at 0161 773 7080

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