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Replace Missing Teeth with Our Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent, natural-looking way to replace missing teeth. Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we have been specialising in the placement of dental implants for many years, consistently achieving great results for our patients across Manchester, Prestwich, Salford and much further afield.

If you should choose to have a dental implant, a titanium screw will be inserted into the bone where you have a missing tooth. The bone around the screw is then left to heal to provide a sturdy peg which your new tooth will be fixed to. Following this step, a replacement tooth will be placed on top of the screw.

Dental Implants in Manchester

A dental implant can be used to replace however many teeth you would like to replace, providing there is enough bone to support the treatment. Additionally, dental implants may be used to secure a denture in place for maximum comfort and chewing ability, leaving you confident with your smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth

In comparison to a bridge, dental implants do not require the support of other teeth, meaning there will be no strain on the teeth surrounding the implant.

Are implants suitable for everyone?

Dental implants are a fantastic development in dentistry that provides many patients with excellent results, however, dental implants are not always an option for everyone. Where there is limited bone, an implant may not be successful. Smokers are at a higher risk of dental implants failing.

Implant Maintenance

Implants require maintenance and regular cleaning for their long-term success. If you are considering a dental implant, it is important that you understand how to keep the implant clean and well maintained. Our expert dentists will ensure that you have all of the information you need, before you make your decision.

Here at Love-Teeth, we are lucky to have the expert restorative dentist, Dr Leo Klein, who specialises in both placing and restoring implants, meaning that the surgery stage and the tooth building stage will all be done in the same place.

The process of a dental implant being fitted is demonstrated in the video below:

  • A missing front tooth.
  • A hole is prepared in the jaw bone in stages.
  • An implant is fitted and a healing cap is inserted.
  • When the implant has healed, the healing cap is exposed and an abutment inserted.
  • Finally, a crown is then fitted to the abutment.

In addition to this, Dr Klein has a variety of alternatives to implants, for those wanting to replace missing teeth that may not have enough bone or don’t want to undergo the implant surgery.

Having worked in Germany for a number of years, he uses a variety of amazing techniques not generally used in the UK, and even has the teeth made in Germany, sending the impressions across by courier!

One of the alternative options to implants is telescope bridgework. This is especially useful in cases with missing teeth due to gum disease, which may then not have sufficient bone to support implants. In such cases, the remaining teeth can be used to hold a bridge which is removable, and also acts as a splint to hold the teeth in place and prevent them from becoming mobile.

When a multi-unit bridge has been fitted, it is important to keep the bridge and the gums clean.

Use super floss for effective cleaning of free and attached surfaces. Brushing technique remains the same, keeping the brush at a 45-degree angle with the gum and tooth.
All surfaces should be brushed twice a day.

We are lucky to have expert restorative dentist Dr Leo Klein who both places and restores dental implants, for patients across Manchester, Prestwich, Salford and the Northwest

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