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Root Canal Treatment with Love-Teeth

Root canal treatment is required when the tooth dies. This is usually due to decay in the tooth but can be due to trauma too. It has a bad reputation as being a painful procedure. Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we provide very gentle and kind care and you will be well looked after throughout.

Our entertainment system has been a huge help to patients having longer treatments. Watching Netflix during treatment really seems to distract the client from what we are doing in the surgery. It seems our minds can only focus on one thing at a time!

During a root canal treatment, the pulp of the tooth is removed and replaced with a root filling. If you were experiencing pain beforehand, this will help enormously.

Normally, blood flows freely into and out of a tooth. If decay is allowed to form, the tooth may react and pressure may build up inside the tooth. The decay can be removed and the tooth filled, but it may take some weeks for the tooth to ‘settle down’.

If the pressure inside the tooth remains high and the pace of blood flow is reduced, the pressure inside the tooth may equal the pressure of the heart pumping the blood. In instances where blood to the tooth stops, the tooth will quickly die and an abscess may then form, continuing the pain from the tooth.

Root canal treatments on back teeth can be more complicated because they have a number of roots. The root canals are exposed. All roots then need to be excavated, making sure that the entire tooth nerve is removed.

The cavity is then filled with gutta percha and the tooth is then filled.

Most of the time Root canal treatment is painless. Cases with an infection may require antibiotics first so that they settle down prior to the treatment.

At Love-teeth we offer root canal treatment on most teeth, often even on wisdom teeth, where many dentists would extract these teeth.

The roots of some teeth can be extremely difficult to navigate and infected teeth with an old root filling in place may be trickier. These cases may require an endodontist.

We also have an endodontist, Gary Zolty, who is a root treatment expert. He often carries out complex treatments under a microscope for the best possible long-term prognosis for your tooth.

He too is very gentle and kind.

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