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Time to smile again!

An image of two people smiling, having had tooth treatment at Love-Teeth dental practice.By Ilana Pine.

A special occasion seems to be a big factor in people’s decision to improve the appearance of their teeth.

You may have noticed that orthodontic treatment – which was once seen mainly in teenagers – is now more commonly seen in adults.

Teeth tend to drift forwards as we get older, creating crowding in the aesthetic region, seen by many as being unacceptable, and previous orthodontic treatment can relapse once the retainers are no longer worn.

Cosmetic braces are now widely used and increasingly by general dentists rather than orthodontists, meaning the overall cost can be lower.

Treatment times are also shorter with many cases being completed within six months. Simple whitening and straightening can also do so much to improve a smile. White filling materials can be used to reshape teeth, with fabulous results.

Here at Love-Teeth we offer smile makeovers always using minimal intervention rather than cutting into healthy tooth tissue wherever possible. These treatments are now more routinely available and in demand.

Digital photography is now used within dentistry so when we see a patient for the first time we usually take photos so that we can analyse the smile. The cost can also be split up over a long period, making your perfect smile another step closer!

The results really can transform your appearance – smiles all round. Contact us for an initial no obligation consultation.

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