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Dental Bridges for Lost Teeth

Dental bridges replace a lost tooth or lost teeth. A traditional bridge requires the teeth either side of the gap to be filed down, as it would be for a crown. A bridge is then made with multiple teeth and it is cemented into place. These are a good option for missing teeth especially when the teeth either side of the gap have previously had large fillings or crowns.

As with crowns, these can be metal inside with porcelain on top, all ceramic or zirconium.

Having dental bridges made where you had a missing tooth will mean you don’t have to consider a denture and will be able to smile, speak and chew with confidence and comfort.

Other options are a Maryland bridge. This replaces a missing tooth with very little filing down of the teeth either side. It is attached with a metal wing behind the adjacent tooth.

A porcelain bonded metal bridge is a good solution for a missing tooth.

However, under some lighting conditions, the metal in the bridge can make the teeth look dull.

An alternative is for the bridge to be made of solid porcelain. This will give a more natural look to the teeth.

An adhesive bridge is non-destructive. A bridge is prepared and ‘stuck’ to the inside of the adjacent teeth.

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