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Missing Teeth? Our Dentures Provide the Perfect Solution

Dentures come in many different forms and are an effective way of replacing missing teeth. Partial dentures replace only the missing teeth, gripping onto the existing teeth in the mouth for support. On the other hand, full dentures replace all the upper or lower teeth. Whilst a full denture can replace all missing teeth, some patients will prefer to have a number of dental implants carried out to help hold the dentures firmly in place.

Replacing Missing Teeth

At Love-Teeth Dental Practice in Prestwich, Manchester, we understand that many people do not want to leave the dentist without a replacement for their missing teeth. Consequently, if you should require any teeth extracting, we will make sure that we have your tailored denture ready to use on the same day as the tooth extraction is taking place, so you will never be left with missing teeth.

Metal-based Dentures

Further to the above options, we offer chrome metal-based dentures which allow the denture to be made thinner due to its strength. A chrome metal-based denture doesn’t need to cover the whole palate, which means you will find it much more comfortable and won’t affect your taste. A metal-based denture uses clasps which grip onto the teeth to keep it secure.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are known for their comfort and are another option available at Love-Teeth Dental Practice. A flexible denture is made to the colour of the teeth and gums, using a clever blend of materials which give it the flexibility to fit well around all existing teeth.

As a modern dental practice, we like to keep up with the latest updates in the dental world. However, we also offer a wide range of teeth replacement options and have kept the standard pink acrylic dentures which rest on the gum for patients that would prefer this option. Acrylic dentures often require metal clasps to help secure them. These clasps, depending on their position, can be unsightly. Additionally, the rigidity of acrylic makes it prone to breaking. Flexible dentures are often used to help deal with these issues.

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