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Snore Solutions and Mouth Guards: The Lowdown

An image of two elderly people, one male and one female, smiling after treatment with Love-Teeth Dental Practice.Some people are surprised to hear that a dentist can help with snoring. However, when it comes to issues relating to the mouth and its alignment, a dentist knows best. Whilst there are plenty of over the counter remedies you can try, a dentist will be able to guide you towards a tailored solution that is fitted to suit the shape and size of your own mouth.

Snoring Solutions

When the airway is restricted in some way, this can cause snoring to occur. Snoring may not sound like a big deal to begin with. However, it can begin affecting relationships, the quality of your sleep and how well-rested you feel when the morning comes. You may also wake up during the night and morning feeling very thirsty.

A snore guard, tailor-made for you by a dentist will prevent your lower jaw dropping back and the closure of your airways. In addition to using a mouth guard, you may also find it helpful to use nasal strips to keep your nostrils from narrowing and allow air to travel through them easily as you sleep.

Mouth Guards

If you grind your teeth when you sleep, you may suffer from a tight jaw, headaches and/or jaw ache. Grinding your teeth can also have negative effects on your teeth, damaging or chipping the molar cusps and wearing down the front teeth.

Dentists will often check your bite in order to determine if you are grinding your teeth. Once a diagnosis of your symptoms has been made, the dentist may recommend a mouth guard or splint to keep the upper and lower teeth apart whilst you sleep.

Love-Teeth Dental Practice

Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality tailored solutions, whether you require snoring solutions, mouth guards or general dental treatment.

If you are concerned about snoring or grinding your teeth, we welcome you to contact us. Please call today on 0161 773 7080 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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