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What is Oral Surgery?

You see your dentist at every check-up and come to feel at ease with the way they work. If your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon for treatment, you may feel apprehensive at thought of seeing someone you aren’t familiar with. An oral surgeon, however, is trained to perform dental surgeries that you general dentist may not be qualified to do.

There are various types of oral surgery procedures;

Impacted wisdom teeth
Gum graft
Tooth implants
Maxillofacial surgery
Root canal
Jaw and teeth repair following an injury

Am I Asleep During Oral Surgery?

You may be awake or asleep during oral surgery procedures, depending on the type of procedure carried out and how anxious you feel about the treatment.

Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation will make you feel relaxed and sleepy and is used for patients with or without a fear of the dentist that would prefer not to know what was happening during their treatment. For dental treatments, once you are sedated, you will also be given an anaesthetic in your mouth to numb the area being treated.

Following a procedure involving IV sedation, you will not be allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery, so must ensure you have someone there to pick you up. You will typically wait around 30 minutes in the dentist before leaving.

You will be informed of any special measures to be taken before having IV sedation, such as not eating or drinking for a certain period of time.

Our Specialist Oral Surgeon, Sandra Glass

At Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we are happy to have specialist oral surgeon, Sandra Glass at the surgery. Sandra can provide IV sedation for patients that request it and is highly regarded for putting even the most anxious patients at ease.

For any problems you are experiencing with your teeth, please contact our lovely team on reception who will happily book you an appointment. Call 0161 773 7080 or head to our contact form and send us an enquiry.

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