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Up to date cosmetic dentistry in Prestwich.

An image of a man smiling and showing his teeth.By Ilana Pine.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved in the past 10 to 15 years. A mouth full of veneers – think Simon Cowell and Jodie Marsh – is no longer considered the gold standard. So, what’s changed?

For a start, a decade on, these teeth are suffering the effects of being cut down in preparation for veneers. The removal of healthy tooth tissue to create the ‘perfect smile’ jeopardises the condition of the tooth and there is a higher chance of it becoming non-vital and requiring root treatments in the longer term.

A more conservative approach to better looking teeth is the Align-Bleach-Bond principle, which sees alignment carried out with Inman Aligners or clear braces.

Braces were once viewed as just for kids and teenagers but are now used more freely by adults. The idea of lengthy treatment times and having teeth extracted was off-putting. In addition, higher fees paid to specialist orthodontists were a barrier to many.

Straightening adult teeth has evolved enormously with the use of clear braces and even newer systems which can transform most crowded dentitions in as little as four to 16 weeks with minimal discomfort, removable no-damage braces , shorter treatment times and more affordable options, with general dentists now successfully treating cases under the guidance of consultants.

Simultaneous whitening and white filling bonding have both advanced hugely and can help to achieve a perfectly attractive and natural smile without the need for removing tooth tissue.

As a certified practitioner of the Inman Aligner, among other systems, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The results are very pleasing and include fixed-on retention to hold the teeth in place for years to come.

Your naturally perfect smile is now a realistic option and within easy reach.

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