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The Benefits of White Fillings

On the 1st July 2018, the NHS published new rules that meant dentists could no longer use mercury amalgam fillings in children under 15, pregnant or breastfeeding women. The controversy surrounding fillings containing mercury has been popular since they became regularly used in the 1830s. Whilst it is still a dental solution used by many, white fillings are becoming increasingly popular for those who would like a more natural-looking solution.

Here at Love-Teeth, we are passionate about providing dental solutions that restore your confidence in your teeth and smile. In today’s post, we discuss some of the many benefits of white (composite) fillings.

Natural Looking Dental Solutions

An image demonstrating the difference between a mercury filling and a composite filling in situ on a tooth.

For many years, there was no choice when it came to the colour of the filling you received. The consequences of this were that fillings were easy to spot and many people lost confidence in their teeth and smile.

Today there are many more options available for preventing the need for a filling. If you should require a filling, however, white fillings are a great solution.

White fillings are barely visible when in situ and can be made to suit the colour of your natural teeth so there is no visible mark between your teeth and the filling.

What Are Tooth Coloured Fillings Made of?

Glass ionomer
Porcelain inlays

Typically, your dentist will advise you regarding the best type of filling for the cavity you have.

The cost of your filling will depend on the material used and the size of filing required.

Protected Teeth

Unlike mercury fillings which can slightly change in size, white coloured fillings remain the same, meaning there is no chance of your teeth being fractured during contracting and expanding.

Love-Teeth Dental Practice

If you are interested in replacing your amalgam fillings with new white fillings, please call our dedicated team today on 0161 773 7080. Alternatively, book your appointment using our online booking form. We look forward to seeing you at the practice soon.

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