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Teaching Children to Brush Their Teeth

Every child is different, so don’t be surprised if you have to use different techniques in order to remind or motivate your children to brush. When compared to toy cars, lego and dollys, teeth brushing doesn’t seem as exciting to a child.

Teach Them Early

Children are like sponges and are constantly learning new things and copying. Brushing your own teeth around your young children will get them used to the idea and demonstrate the best ways to brush.

In addition to leading by example, nurseries and schools will often have talks form dental professionals, giving your child another perspective on the importance of this task. If your child doesn’t go to nursery full time, try and make sure they are present for these talks.

For a more interactive experience at home, you’ll find plenty of engaging videos on YouTube.

When Should a Child’s Teeth be Brushed?

A child’s teeth should be brushed as soon as the first milk teeth come through, which is typically around 6 months (though this can vary).

Invest in a toothpaste that has been specifically formulated for young children and use only a smear of it on the brush.

Whilst children can often brush their own teeth around age 7, they should still be supervised to ensure they are brushing correctly. If you have the advantage of being able to brush your own teeth at the same time, go for it, that way you can consistently demonstrate the best routine.

Keep The Motivated

Whether it takes a star chart, post-it reminders, a special toothbrush or a fun tooth brushing timer, there are plenty of ways to remind your child it’s time to brush their teeth and ensure they do so. We all know it can take time for new habits to form, but making the chore fun by including a celebratory dance or song, can make it easier.

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