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Signs You May Need a Filling

An image of a woman with brunette hair biting a green apple.Preventative dentistry is the only way to ensure the health of your teeth and mouth. If you are feeling any sort of pain, it is a sign that you may need dental treatment. A filling is a common procedure that is carried out to fill a cavity, cracked or broken teeth or natural wear on teeth that may occur due to nail biting, teeth grinding or using the teeth to open things.

Toothache or Sharp Pain

If you need a filling, it is highly likely that you may need a filling. Toothache may occur if you have recently lost a filling or if you have developed a cavity near the site of the toothache. The pain you experience may be a constant ache, a throbbing pain or a sharp pain any time you eat or drink something hot or cold.


Many individuals suffer from sensitive teeth, however, if the sensitivity is confined to just one area or has very suddenly started, it may be a sign of worn enamel and developing cavities that may require a filling.

Types of Filling


Composite fillings can be shaded to match the exact colour of a patients teeth, making them much less conspicuous.


Gold fillings are highly durable but very noticeable. Gold fillings are often more expensive than their alternatives.

Glass Ionomer

A glass ionomer filling is often used on baby teeth where decay has formed. If chosen to be used on an adult tooth, this type of filling is often placed in a position that won’t be subject to extreme pressure from chewing.

Love-Teeth Dental Practice

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