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Missing teeth? So many options now available.

An image of two elderly people, one male and one female, smiling after treatment with Love-Teeth Dental Practice.By Ilana Pine

When people feel insecure, they often dream about their teeth becoming loose and falling out. Losing teeth is something very difficult to go through and can affect our confidence, happiness, social life, work, and relationships, not to mention our ability to eat properly.

Especially for the elderly, having poor dentition or dentures can lead to rapid decline and even early death, due to the inability to eat and chew food.

Loss of even one tooth in the arch can be problematic. Drifting of teeth either side of the gap and in the opposite arch can cause a domino effect of bone loss around the teeth. In the UK it is not uncommon to see people with missing teeth. In many cases extraction is given as the only option to a toothache, creating a quick fix. This is misleading in the fast moving world of dentistry.

Here at Love-Teeth we do everything to save teeth. With quality root treatment, many teeth can be saved. When there is no other choice, a tooth needs to be removed but there are many options for filling the gap:

Dental implants
These have become more popular in the last 10-15 years and are the best replacement for a natural tooth, provided they are put into the right patient! Another requirement for successful dental implants is suitable bone. Those with bone loss due to gum disease are not good candidates unless they go through extensive bone grafting from other sites, for example the hip.

In addition, regular visits to a suitably qualified hygienist and a non-smoking patient are all essential in preventing failure of the implant integrating into the surrounding bone. For single tooth implants in an otherwise healthy mouth, implants are often the best choice. If there are multiple teeth lost, which generally means extensive bone loss, other options must be considered.

Dentures and bridges
Well-made and well-fitting dentures can be a good option. Bridges attached to standing teeth are also a good option for those wishing to have fixed-in teeth. Generally they need preparation (some cutting down) of teeth either side of the gaps, but can also be stuck to other healthy teeth in some cases, preventing unnecessary tooth cutting.

On the continent, there are many other options not generally available in the UK. Telescopic bridges and dentures can restore your teeth to full function and aesthetics without loose dentures, without implants and without surgery – even in cases of gum disease, loss of bone and loose teeth.

We are very privileged at Love-Teeth to have our very own master-craftsman dentist who has 40 years’ experience and who has practised dentistry on three continents. Unusually, he also taught himself to be a dental technician and produce his own crowns and bridges to ensure their perfection.

He offers a full range of treatment options including dental implants, telescope bridges and dentures, as well as precision attachments in what can only be described as dentistry meets engineering!

Whatever the dental issue we’d be delighted to have a no obligation chat about the best way forweard. Why not contact us now for a chat.

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