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How to get the best possible teeth whitening.

An image of a mature woman smiling, having received a new denture from from Love-Teeth Dental Practice.We are often asked about teeth whitening but clients are often not sure about which type works best.

We are always on hand to give advice.

There are many types of tooth whitening. Over the last 10 years, whitening has moved away from the dental chair type with the blue light (or laser as some mistakenly believe) as this has proved to be a gimmick which makes teeth look whiter initial and then fades quickly .

There are also many cheap options available from beauty salons and kits to buy online. These are illegal in Britain and often do nothing at all due to low concentration of product but could also cause damage to the gums and surrounding tissues.

Teeth whitening is only allowed in Britain in a dental surgery or under the auspices of a dentist, as it is not such a simple process.

It must be tailored to the individual in terms of the concentration of gel used and the method in which it is applied.

At Love Teeth Dental Practice we use a high quality product after researching which ones actually work and will give a guaranteed fantastic result.

One thing is for sure, a visit to your dentist to discuss your suitability for whitening is a must!

Why not contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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