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Gum Disease Treatments with Love-Teeth

If you have gum disease, you may need to have a periodontal assessment carried out. During this assesment, measurements will be taken of the attachment of the gum around the tooth. Following on from this, extensive deep cleaning under the gums will be carried out, which may be followed by antibiotic therapy. To check any improvements that have been made after this treatment, a pocket charting gum assessment will be carried out where measurements around the tooth will be taken to see if the gum pockets have shrunk.

In cases of gum disease, you may be required to see a hygienist every three months.

The above video demonstrates how healthy teeth and gums may start to deteriorate upon the build-up of plaque. When plaque is left to build-up, the gum and bone surrounding the tooth may begin to recede; in some cases, the gum recedes with the bone and in other cases, it doesn’t. However, whether or not the gum and bone recede at the same rate, the tooth will still eventually become mobile.

Measuring the depth of periodontal pockets is a common technique which helps to establish the patient’s condition and measure the change in that condition over time. Measurements of the gum pocket are carried out with a special probe and recorded by the dentist.

In more severe cases of gum disease where teeth have been lost, there are several options for replacing missing teeth. Where bone has been lost it is not always possible to place implants safely and securely.

Here at Love-Teeth, we are lucky to have Dr Leo Klein who offers implants and many other clever techniques not often seen in the UK as alternatives to implants, for those who definitely don’t want dentures.

If you are concerned about a loose tooth or would like to find out more options to replace missing teeth, please call our friendly team on 0161 773 7080 today.

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