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Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Oh, what a stressful world we live in! Tooth grinding is on the increase and we now have different options for treating it.

There is a soft bite splint, used to prevent further tooth wear in cases where there is no associated jaw pain or headaches.

There is hard bite splint, or ‘sleep clench inhibitor’ which puts the jaw into the position with the front teeth together, making it impossible to grind. This helps the TemperoMandibular Joint relax as well as the ligaments around the joint. This can provide great relief for jaw sufferers.

The latest treatment for jaw pain is the cerezen device. These are little custom made tubes inserted into the ears which provide enormous relief.

How it works

Grinding the teeth can cause wear. The canines and the front incisors wear first. The enamel can be lost exposing the soft dentine underneath.

Many people grind and clench their teeth while asleep. This not only causes damage to the teeth but also results in lasting pain, sometimes in the form of headaches, sinus pain, jaw ache or neck and back pain.

The grinding motion leads to abfraction, chipped teeth and lost canine guidance, as well as damage to the tongue which may be chewed during the night.

If you are suffering from jaw pain you have come to the right place.

We offer a free consultation for jaw pain.

We offer 0% finance on treatment over £350 for up to 12 months, or up to 5 years with interest.

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