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Chips in Children’s Teeth

When your child begins walking, naturally, you may worry about them falling or walking into something. As the months go on, your child will become more proficient at walking and will be a bundle of energy that enjoys running and playing.

Sometimes accidents happen and your child may fall and cause a chip in their baby teeth. Whilst some chips are superficial and nothing to worry about, some are more serious. Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we have been taking care of children’s teeth since we opened our practice, and in our latest post, we discuss chips in children’s teeth and the symptoms you may notice.

Consult Your Dentist

No matter how big or small the chip on the tooth is, you should always make an appointment with the dentist so they can examine the tooth and the extent of the damage. Whilst some chips may be small, they can leave the remaining tooth extremely sharp, causing cuts on the inside of the mouth or tongue and require filing.

Tooth Discolouration

Any force on your children’s teeth can cause discolouration of the tooth which may be temporary. People often note that a chipped tooth turns brown, red, black or grey, which is a symptom of damaging the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels heal, you will usually see the tooth gradually going back to its normal colour. If the tooth does not go back to its normal colour, you should visit your dentist again.

Dental Care at Home

Once your dentist has analysed the chip and carried out any necessary work, you will need to continue with thorough dental care at home, making sure the area is properly cleaned. Even chips that have only caused superficial damage can still weaken the overall structure of the tooth and be more prone to decay. This is where keeping up to date with regular dental appointments is vital.

Love-Teeth Dental Practice

We have been taking care of children’s teeth for many years, priding ourselves on providing a comfortable and relaxed environment that children feel at ease in.

If your child has suffered a chip in one of their teeth, no matter how minor, we welcome you to book an appointment at our practice, putting your mind at ease and ensuring the dental health of your child.

To book please call 0161 773 7080. Alternatively, existing patients can book through our appointment portal. New patients can sign up using our new patient service.

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