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Calming Your Nerves at the Dentist

An image of a dentist showing a smiling patient her teeth using a small mirror.Having a fear of the dentist is very common. Whilst some people will be able to calm their nerves easily, others will find it more difficult. In such cases, it is not uncommon for an individual to put off seeking dental treatment they would like to have. Here at Love-Teeth, we have many years of experience treating nervous patients and have put together some top tips you may use to help ease your nerves on your next visit.

Express your Fears

A lot of the time, a fear of the dentist comes from a previous bad experience, however, this is not always the case. If you are a nervous patient, we recommend that you always let your dentist know how you feel. Discussing your feelings and any previous experiences you have had will allow your dentist to put your mind at ease and understand what parts of dentistry make you anxious. Often, the act of just having a conversation is enough to take your mind off the procedure itself and give you a chance to get to know your dentist before any treatment.

Communication is key, and it may help you to discuss a certain hand signal to let your dentist know how you’re feeling throughout the procedure – it could be as simple as a thumbs up.

Many nervous patients like to know exactly what is happening whilst a treatment is being carried out, but others would rather not be told. If you’d prefer that the dentist didn’t talk you through the procedure as it’s happening, mention that you would like to pop your headphones in and listen to some soothing music. The noise of the music will drown out the sound of any equipment and may take your mind off the treatment.

We Care

Unfortunately, some people associate visiting the dentist with bad things such as pain or swelling. However, dentists, just like doctors, are in their profession because they care. It may be easier said than done, but remembering that your dentist is there to help make your mouth feel better and healthier may help to calm your fears.

All professional dentists are highly trained and will only carry out treatment they know will have a positive impact on your dental health.

Discuss Your Options

Of course, there are occasions when you may feel overwhelmed by your anxiety, and in such cases, it may help to discuss your options for sedation. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best course of action if you feel too nervous to have treatment carried out without sedation.

We Welcome Nervous Patients

Since we first began, we have welcomed nervous patients to our friendly practice. Something that sets us apart is that we use surface anaesthetic gel for every patient, ensuring a comfortable experience. We care for our patients and ensure you are fully in control at all times, able to stop the procedure at any point.

Additionally, we offer IV sedation for both general dental treatment and oral surgery, carried out by out by our specialist, Sandra Glass. If you would like more information about our dental practice or any of the treatments we offer, we welcome you to contact us. Please call our dedicated team today on 0161 773 7080 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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