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Have You Broken a Tooth?

If you have a broken tooth, don’t panic! Help is on hand.

Teeth can break due to a number of reasons, tooth decay being the most common, but tooth clenching, grinding and trauma can also cause teeth to break. The treatment will depend on how much tooth tissue is lost.

At Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on saving teeth wherever possible, as each tooth that is lost can have negative consequences on the rest of the mouth, with teeth moving into spaces or drifting down into a space.

Repairing Broken Teeth:

Occasionally teeth may split from front to back, showing a distinctive black line through the tooth. When this occurs there is little alternative but to remove the tooth, however, our team will always provide you with all treatment options that are suitable, ensuring you are fully aware of each treatment process.

If you have a chipped tooth, other damage or white fillings, there are a number of ways of solving this problem. The chipped area could be repaired with a bonding material. The tooth could be prepared and a crown made to protect the tooth underneath. Another option may be a veneer which is fixed to the front of the tooth and provides a natural-looking appearance. Call 0161 773 7080 today to speak to a member of our dedicated team.

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