Braces for Children

An image of a young girl wearing permanent braces and smiling.Braces are intended to help you make the most of your teeth, moving them back into alignment to ensure you can properly take care of your teeth and gums.

Children may need orthodontic treatment for a number of reasons, including, overcrowded or overlapping teeth or malocclusion (a “bad” bite). Having orthodontic treatment as a child, rather than in adulthood, is preferred as it means you will be able to better take care of the new adult teeth from the offset. Additionally, adults are typically more concerned with the appearance of their teeth and would often prefer not to have braces past their teenage years.

Before a child can have braces, their teeth and gums must be healthy. Once the braces are fitted, it is essential that the teeth are properly cleaned to avoid gum disease or tooth decay.

Depending on the extent of the treatment needed, traditional braces may be worn anywhere from 18 to 24 months. More modern teeth straightening treatments, however, such as Invisalign and the Inman aligner can provide great results in a shorter time period.

Once the braces have been fitted, regular appointments back to the orthodontist are needed for them to monitor how the treatment is progressing and tighten the braces when necessary.

Whilst children can still pick their braces and brace bands (if required) in a variety of colours, clear and white options are also available and are much less noticeable for those that are looking for a more discreet brace.

Once the teeth are in their new position, your orthodontist will then be concerned with ensuring they stay in their new position and do not begin gradually moving back. Keeping up with your orthodontic appointments is important to ensure your treatment does not extend longer than it needs to.

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