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Teeth Straightening or Orthodontics

Teeth straightening your teeth will do wonders for your smile and improve your overall dental health! Even one in-standing tooth can appear dark as the light does not fall on it in the same way.

You may have had braces in the past and found that your teeth have drifted forwards and become crowded.

Adult orthodontics or adult teeth straightening is becoming very popular as people look to improve their smile without causing damage to their natural tooth tissue.

Clear braces are very popular, with Invisalign being the original, many other varieties are now available which can straighten your teeth in a very short time, with highly aesthetic and almost invisible solutions, avoiding tooth extractions in most cases.

At love-Teeth, we offer clear invisible braces as well as the Inman Aligner. We also offer clear aesthetic fixed on braces for those cases that require this.

The most important part of any orthodontic treatment is the ‘retention’. This means holding the teeth in their new position. At love-teeth we have this covered, keeping your teeth in perfect alignment for years to come.

How is works.


Traditionally the brackets and wire on a brace are metallic. White brackets and wire with transparent bands can make a big difference.


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