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Snoring and sleep apnoea solutions

These are relatively common problems caused when the airway becomes restricted. They are often more of a problem for the person who has to hear it!

There are surprisingly simple appliances specifically for these issues.

Normal airflow. The Soft Pallet relaxes and restricts the airflow. The Soft Pallet vibrates, causing the ‘snore’.
The Epiglotis may also restrict the airflow and may even cause ‘Sleep Apnia’. The Silensor is introduced which when positioned and adjusted, brings the lower soft tissue forward.

When teeth are ground from side to side, particularly during sleep, this can wear down the front teeth and the molar cusps can be chipped and damaged.
Clenching also tenses the jaw muscles and creates impact within the skull. This may cause pain and headaches.
An Occlusal Splint can be used to protect the teeth and prevent contact.

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