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Oral surgery

Here at Love-Teeth Dental Practice, we offer private oral surgery, with our wonderful oral surgeon Sandra Glass who will put you at ease with her calm manner.

She also offers intravenous sedation for those who prefer not to be aware of what is going on!


How it works.

Sometimes the easiest way to treat the root of the tooth is to access it through the gum. An abscess that occurs, particularly when a post is present can be removed.
A small flap of gum is lifted and access to the infected area is made. When removed the flap of skin is replaced and tiny stitches help it heal.

Sometimes wisdom teeth ‘over erupt’ when the opposing tooth has not come through.
This tooth may then come into contact with the gum flap, making it sore and causing it to swell – worsening the problem.
The solution can often be to remove the over erupted wisdom tooth, rather than the one under the flap.


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